Jennie & Ivan Take The Proust Questionnaire

What's your favorite virtue? 

Jennie: Honesty. I spent a lot of time abroad and what I found was a lack of transparency with what people wanted.
Ivan: Simplicity. I prefer everything and everybody to be as straightforward as possible. 

What are your favorite qualities in a man?

J: Consistency. Knowing exactly what I signed up for. Managing expectations is sexy. 
I: I admire people who stay true to themselves. Comfortable with who they are. 

What are your favorite qualities in a woman? 

J: Humility. A lot of women I meet are pretty amazing. Sometimes they don’t realize just how amazing they are.
I: Independence, ambition, and drive. 

What do you appreciate most in your friends? 

J: Effort. Putting any effort into any relationship is tough. The people who take the time and put in the effort to see me, email me, or even just think of me, I appreciate it a lot.
I: Low maintenance friendships is a really big thing for me. Being able to pick up where-ever we left off, even after a long absence.

What's your main fault? 

J: My stubbornness. It always gets me in trouble.
I: Arrogance. I've only recently realized that humility is probably a better strategy. 

What's your favorite occupation?

J: Sketching, painting, and ordering people around. 
I: Reading, writing, and being left alone.

What's your idea of happiness? 

J: I think happiness is a transient thing. It changes for me on a daily basis depending on where I am in my life. It depends.
I: Leading a time-rich life. Being able to come and go as I please. That means no boss, no office, no commute. 

What's your idea of misery?

J: That’s easier. When my personal relationships are a mess, that’s a really big deal to me. I don’t enjoy arguments. 
I: Always taking the safest and conventional route. Letting life happen to you instead of making conscious choices. 

Where would you like to live? 

J: I’d love to live in Seoul.
I: I'd move to Tokyo tomorrow. 

Your favorite authors? 

J: Don’t have a favorite author but I enjoy reading a lot of personal management and time management books about entrepreneurship. 
I: From the dead, I'll read anything by Fyodor Dostoevsky, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and Raymond Chandler. From the living, I like Haruki Murakami, Toni Morrison, and Karl Ove Knausgaard.

Your favorite heroes/heroines in fiction? 

J: Sailor Moon dayo! 
I: Luffy from One Piece

What characters in history do you most dislike? 

J: Hitler is usually my go to. But there’s a lot of despicable people in history. I don’t know.
I: Pol Pot. He was an underrated douche-bag and all time fuck-up. 

Your favorite meal? 

J: Korean ramen and chai latte. 
I: Chicken pho, banh mi, and a fresh coconut or Cherry Coke.  

Natural talent you'd like to be gifted with? 

J: Dancing. 
I: The natural talent of needing less (or no) sleep. That'd be awesome. 

How do you wish to die? 

J: With the penguins. 
I: Honestly? Assisted suicide. I want to drop the mic and leave on my own terms. 

What is your present state of mind? 

J: Ambitious. I’m 27 now,  there’s a lot that I still want to accomplish.
I: I'm okay.

Your favorite motto? 

J: Don’t wait till tomorrow. 
I: Do less, better. To live a life that flows in quiet.