The Origami Life: The Story So Far

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Ivan here. 

That was a cover by the Chromatics of an old song called ‘Blue Moon,’ a song that's been sung by the likes of Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Nat King Cole, and the always wonderful Billie Holiday.

I like the opening notes. Reminds me of the tune that plays over the intercom in department stores before every announcement. 

This is appropriate, as Jennie and I have a couple of announcements to make of our own. 

What is The Origami Life?

It’s been a little over a year since this blog went live, with little to no explanation from Jennie and I on what this is, why we’re here, and what we stand for. 

Part of this is because we’re more into showing than telling, but I think the more honest answer would be that we were still trying to figure it out.

Here's what we know so far. The Origami Life is:  

  • A record of Jennie and Ivan’s marriage and life together
  • A way of keeping ourselves accountable to our financial and travel goals
  • A place that celebrates the process over the result, the journey over the destination
  • A place to convey stories and observations in a personal, interesting and useful manner
  • A place to connect with like-minded people

Subscribe To Our Monthly Origami Letter!

Our first letter went out to subscribers on September 16th, you can read it here to see if it’s worth your time and space in your inbox. 

The next letter goes out Sunday (October 8th), where we’ll be giving an update on a trip we’ve been planning for the past five months. 


What Is The Daily Origami?

Daily Origami is a weekly series we publish based on an experimental theme, where we try to strike a balance between the personal, interesting and useful. 

Needless to say, we don’t always succeed. 

But more importantly, it’s a creative exercise that gets Jennie and I used to the cadence of posting five times a week when we’re on our round the world trip. 

I think travel writing is one of the hardest genres to do well. Not because there’s a lack of interesting, exotic destinations to write about, but because it’s hard to make people:

a. Give a shit about you
b. Ground stories in ways that are relatable to a reader's everyday life

We have at least 50 more Daily Origami entries planned after this hiatus, and we'd appreciate any feedback you might have at

In case you missed a few posts, here is everything we’ve written to date: 

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