Mindfulness: In the Wind

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The Origami Life - Daily Origami #1: In The Wind

Ivan here. 

I was never a nature lover growing up. Amidst the grime and busyness of Taipei, nature was an afterthought. At best, an excursion into nature was like going to the zoo. At worst, it’s like elevator music. Something you barely notice. 

Which is why I was as surprised as anyone, when on a weekend walk with Jennie, I noticed the beauty in the way the wind passed through a wall of leaves.

Here’s a video I took. Excuse the shoddy camerawork:


There’s something otherworldly about it. Like the beginning of something. The drawing back of a curtain to reveal something strange and mysterious. Like a David Lynch movie (Blue Velvet is one of my favorites). 

Which I guess goes to show that in the end, it’s not your surroundings that matter. It’s what you let in. 

On a related note, Jennie and I are both big fans of this Youtuber called CatCreature. Her latest story is titled Wildflowers on My Mind. It’s beautiful.