Mindfulness: Tune Out the Noise

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Jennie here.

Last night, I broke my headphones. They were my fourth pair in the past twelve months. Each cost under $10.

Headphones on my mind

The next morning, when I declared to Ivan that I was going to buy a new, (slightly) more expensive pair of headphones, he called me a mindless consumer (Editor’s note: Ivan was upset that Jennie was online shopping in the middle of a brainstorm session for this blog). It was enraging and also not true. I’m equally as budget conscious as Ivan and I have the history to prove it.

But even though I’m careful with our budget -- there are a few things that I’ll never deprive myself of. There are many things I can live without in life but a pair of headphones has now become so deeply ingrained in my daily routine, I can no longer productively function without them.

Since I was little, my headphones were my solace, my safe space -- or at least it helped me create one. The moment things got stressful or when my parents started arguing, I could always depend on them to drown out all the sadness and frustration.

It’s like I’m in my own little world and nothing else exists but the music or podcast or story.

And in our noisy world, there’s freedom in that.