Feeling Nostalgic: Autumn Walks in Boston

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Autumn in Boston, Massachusetts Source:  Flickr  -  Xynn Tii

Autumn in Boston, Massachusetts
Source: FlickrXynn Tii

Jennie here.

If I could close my eyes and go back, this is what my perfect fall day in Boston would look like:

Here’s what you’d see on this perfect walk:

  • Wake up at very early and walk over to Kupel’s Bakery in Brookline; grab a bagel and small coffee.
    My favorite bagel is the scallion cream cheese and coffee.

  • Drop by and browse the Brookline Bookstore when it opens at 9 am.
    Ivan and I have collectively spent hundreds of hours at this independent bookstore - a hidden gem in the Coolidge Corner area.

  • Walk along the Charles River.
    Honestly, the perfect autumn day for me would be to walk from the Allston area, along Charles River, stopping at bench on the Esplanade overlooking the water, then continue towards the Boston Harbor.

  • Stop by the Bates Hall Reading Room in Boston Public Library.
    The room was created by Charles Follen McKim and oozes with creativity and seriousness of hyper-focused students/library patrons. It has a magnificent barrel-arched ceiling and gorgeous English oak bookcases.

  • Walk through the Boston Public Garden and Boston Common.    
    In summertime, couples get married at every nook and cranny of the Boston Public Garden, but in the fall - you see people taking a brisk morning walk, chatting with friends, and drinking coffee as the enjoy the fall foliage.

  • Grab a coffee at Ogawa Coffee.
    An independent coffee company originating from Kyoto. The barista here Haruna Murayama was the 2010 World Latte Champion, the first Japanese and first woman to ever win the competition. Their Boston location on 10 Milk Street is currently the only one in the States.

  • Grab dinner in Boston’s tiny Chinatown.
    Check out the Gourmet Dumpling House for dinner. The dumplings are quite good but Ivan swears by (and still dreams about) their Famous Szechuan Fish.

  • End at the evening at the North End with some delicious Italian dessert.
    Brave the line at Mike’s Pastry. Mike’s cannoli are crispy, thick, and on the sweeter side, which is probably why they’re so popular. It’s a great place to go with a crowd that doesn’t mind battling tourists for a spot at the counter.