Authenticity: Why We Stopped Pretending

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Old Las Vegas
There are people going hungry far away
They’ve got nothing on their plates
And you’re filling your fat face with every different kind of cake.

- Belle and Sebastian, A Century of Fakers

Ivan here.

Of course, all the events described actually happened. Sometimes, life is stranger than fiction.

Our unofficial theme for the week was to explore the idea that you have to pretend in order to get anywhere. Think about how we curate our online lives, which is often unrecognizable from the lives we actually lead. This leaves us feeling lonelier than ever, even as the world becomes more “connected” and “social.”

I thought the setting was appropriate. Nowhere on the planet, in my opinion, peddles the fake and empty better than the city of Las Vegas.

It's my least favorite city in the world.

Growing up, most of my childhood heroes were artists like Wilde, Dostoevsky, and Fitzgerald. I think what I admired most about these people was that they couldn’t help but be themselves completely. Even when in some cases, fame and fortune largely eluded them in their lifetime.

So I guess the takeaway for this week is that you can’t be anyone other than yourself, and you don’t really have to compromise or apologize for that.

Because the alternative would be to lead an insincere life.