July 2017 Money Diary: It's the Same Old Song


It’s the same old song,
With a different meaning since you been gone
— Four Tops

Ivan here.

The hypocrisy of publishing a money diary straight after writing a post titled Stop Counting Other People’s Money hasn’t escaped me. I have no defense except to say that human beings are complicated creatures, and that both Jennie and I are allergic to leaving things unfinished.

The Origami Life - July 2017 Money Diary

Here’s the truth: aside from using this soap box to promote one charitable cause every quarter, I’m running out of ways to talk about the same goddamn thing.

See, money is like a stack of pancakes. I hear it's the cornerstone of the American breakfast. Breakfast wouldn't be complete without it, but once you grow accustomed to having pancakes, you have to recognize them for what they are: flavorless and highly overrated.

Where we choose to invest our time is the syrup atop an otherwise flavorless life.

(Editor’s Note: Ugh. Sorry, you deserve better).


A five day trip to Denver and a few unexpected family obligations (filed under: Life Happens) pushed us slightly over our $3,000 spend rate in July, which can easily be made up for next month. Also, we’re nine months away from hitting our $40,000 travel goal, putting us on track to leave well before our September 2018 deadline.

By that time, this money diary will have served its purpose of keeping us accountable to the long term goals we laid out nearly a year ago.

But until that day comes, we’ll just keep playing the same old song...