California Weekend Trips: Yosemite With Friends

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Travel Planning, sort of


Last weekend, Ivan and I headed up to Yosemite with two of our oldest and closest friends. We thought it might be meaningful to share moments with you that were important to us this week. Traveling isn’t about the end destination, but about the journey and moments you experience along the way.

This will be a five part series to share moments from our weekend trip to
Yosemite from Los Angeles. Check out Part 1Part 2, and Part 3 here. 

Jennie here. 

My favorite part of our weekend gateway to Yosemite was the time we spent hanging out with our two oldest and closest friends. They know us better than most people and actually end up tolerating (or complementing) our imperfections (e.g. Ivan is usually useless when it comes to campfire cooking).

Here were my favorite moments with them:


1. Driving through traffic together.


We made the mistake of leaving from San Francisco around 3pm...on Friday. So, instead of a typical three hour trip to our first took five hours to get there. But the fantastic thing is that we got to catch up and chat. We hardly see our friends and it made me feel better that we were suffering (through traffic) together.

2. Shopping for groceries together. 


So, shopping for groceries with friends is actually one of the most intimate things you can do. Think about it, when you shop - you show all of your character flaws / how picky you are. When we were trying to pick up bread to make some easy sandwiches, our friend Alec basically vetoed it and was like, “I hate sandwiches” Everyone eats sandwiches, am I right? Turns out, our friend was uber picky with foods - more so than I last recall. And what did I learn about myself? That I am an idiot sometimes and love creepy costume wear.

3. Cooking meals together.


Okay, I don’t care about what anyone says. The best moments are when we’re cooking together. In particular, bacon. Bacon is possibly the best thing to cook over an open campfire (or in our case a make-shift bunsen burner). And okay, the other best part is that...Ivan and I are pretty useless when it comes to camping cooking. We sort of just let our friends take the reins on cooking and harassed them with our camera and questions around “when is breakfast going to be ready?”

Over the course of each activity together, we kind of just relax and shoot the shit. We had a chance to reminisce about the past and even joke about the future (e.g. our friend wants five kids - crazy).

There’s less pressure to perform or act a certain way when you’re with close friends.