Money Questions: What's The Biggest Money Mistake We've Made?

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What is one of your biggest money-related mistakes that you’ve made?
What did you learn from it,
and what do you do differently now?


I wasted a ton of money on fast fashion in my early 20’s.

Minimalist Clothing/Closet

In my teens and early 20’s, whenever I would feel down, stressed, or bored...I’d go to a nearby mall and just shop sales or cheap items. Granted, I still shop affordable items but it’s like 99% less than what I used to do.

When I moved out of my apartment in Boston to Los Angeles last year, I realized how much shit I had accumulated. And it was all worthless and had to be donated or thrown out.

It felt wasteful and I knew in that moment as I was cleaning out my studio apartment that I had wasted thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours in shopping - and all for what? For nothing. 

These days, my closet is actually a lot smaller than Ivan’s; I think I have less than 40 items of clothing to last me the entire year. I’m trying to be more thoughtful of what I actually need. For example, when I want a t-shirt, is it because I need a new t-shirt or because I’m just bored with my closet?

For me, it’s about need. Especially because once we go abroad next year, I can only bring what I can carry in a 40L backpack. I have to pare down more and more and only buy things that I will love or need. 



For the record, I have more clothing than Jennie not because I buy them, I just take hand-me-down T-shirts from my brother for free. That’s like 75% of my wardrobe. The other 25% is Jennie getting fed up and buying me stuff. No one will ever accuse me of having style - except on accident. 

I can’t think of any money-related mistakes. Most of it had to do with alcohol, though I don’t think it’s the money I regret - it’s the time wasted on people I didn’t really care for, after I’d known them for long enough to know better.