Money Questions: What Financial Goal Do We Still Struggle With?

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What is one big financial goal you still struggle with?


Sometimes, it's hard to keep spending down.

I have a tough time committing on a daily basis to this rigid goal: 

Keep our spending below $36,000 a year.

This includes housing, rent, food, and all the other miscellaneous spending. Our savings rate is fantastic -- I save more than 50% of my income every single month. And in the’d think this would be enough but it isn’t. Not for our longer term plans. Sometimes I find myself pleading with Ivan to let us go out to eat or allowing myself to buy that new paint set that I want. But sometimes, it’s just not in the budget (Editor’s Note: She’s being dramatic. She got both of those things). During those dire moments...when I really really want something, it’s hard to stay committed to spending less than $36,000 a year. 



Because I never really wanted anything outside of books, travel, and a girl (got one), it’s hard for me to stay motivated to earn more money after my basic needs (rent and bills) are taken care of. As a freelancer, this makes me dangerously complacent, and it’s something I have to actively fight against every single day.