Mindfulness: Escape Life on Autopilot

Daily Origami is a way for us to record our off the cuff thoughts, feelings and observations about the world around us. Published every weekday, Monday through Friday.

Jennie here.

One evening, I was on my commute home from the office when I heard the Cowboy Bebop title track TANK! playing from the speakers of the car next to me. The crescendo of the saxophone, bass, and bongo drums were so distinctive, I stopped dead in my tracks. The song moved me, jolting me out of autopilot.


Note: Listen to the song, you'll get what I mean. 


The tune reminded me of the cheerfulness and excitement I felt when I was a younger, more impressionable girl. I remembered all the hopes and dreams I had of getting out of my dead end town and conquering/traveling the world.

In that moment, I wondered: What am I still doing here? Is this where I want to be?

The whole day I’d been feeling like I was asleep at the wheel, a prisoner of my routines. Then all of a sudden, TANK!, and a rush of emotions, memories, and questions jolted me back to life.

As the busy Los Angeles traffic crawled forward, I could hear the lyrics:

I think it's time to blow this scene.
Get everybody and their stuff together.
Three, two, one...let's jam!

The band breaks out, and my car turns the corner.

* * *

Happy weekend everyone! Tune in next week as we keep experimenting and improvising.

Cowboy Bebop - See You Later, Space Cowboy