How Do You Get To Your Big Decision?


Jennie here.

On most days, I feel like I’m working towards a bigger dream - of becoming a world traveler and embarking on a career that will (hopefully) create value for others. On other days, I feel like I’m running in place and nothing I do really matters.  

Intentional Living and Goals

Like today. Actually - if I’m being 100% honest - I’ve been feeling this way for the better part of the last few months.


Lately, I’ve realized it’s because making the big decision was the easy part. Who doesn’t want to travel the world? To make better choices with their money? To have a better relationship with their significant other or spouse?

Everyone wants that. Wanting things is easy.

But living the day-to-day is hard. The toughest things in life are the small, tedious commitments we have to make to ourselves again and again. Every single day.

See that mountain over there? I’d like to climb it. But no matter how many steps I take, the peak doesn’t get any closer. The hard part isn’t my desire to reach the summit, but to borrow the words of Balzac, having the forbearance to face the dull task of putting one foot after another.

I can’t run a marathon next year without committing to running every other day. For Ivan, the difficult part is not the decision to write a novel, but the commitment to putting 1,000 words onto the page every. single. day. Good or bad. Rain or shine.

Especially on the days we feel like nothing we do matters.

Ultimately, the sum of all the small, finite choices are what will make the big choices and dreams a reality.

So how do you get to your big decision?

One dull step at a time.