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Financial Priorities: Should Millennials Value Experiences over Things?

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...or things?

Ivan here.

I’m always glad whenever the internet figures out the secret to happiness. I mean, whew! What a load off my mind. One less thing off the old checklist to worry about - right beneath fame, wealth and success. 

Now if only I could attract any woman I want by projecting confidence, making her laugh, making her win ME over, creating an emotional attachment while simultaneously being completely unattached to the outcome, then by golly, like Hershey meets Kisses, my life would be complete. 

The Secret to Millennial Happiness:
Buy Experiences, Not Things

There’s a kernel of truth to this statement, as is the case with every over-generalized piece of bullshit that loses any real meaning in its conveyance. Sure, travel may broaden the mind. Jennie and I would be hypocrites to suggest otherwise.

But it’s also not entirely fair to ask: do you want to travel the world, expand your horizons, and open yourself up to everything this magical world has to offer you - or buy avocado toast? 

It’s like asking you to choose between a meeting with the Dalai Lama or an iPhone X. Of course we'd all pick the Dalai Lama (right?). 

Here’s a better comparison: you want to be a painter. What should you prioritize: your first paint set or a meeting with the Dalai Lama? 

Again, probably still not fair, but the point is that this is a question of framing. 

Which leads to my larger point. 

What should we prioritize: experiences or things?

In my opinion, we’re asking ourselves the wrong question. The real question should be: what enables us to create and what enables us to consume? 

And we should be prioritizing the experiences and things that enable us to create over the ones that enable us to consume.